Strength Approach have been around for about 17 years, yet somehow always remained just under my radar.. It was only by the time they released the mini cd “Stand Your Ground” on Countdown Records in 2010 that I started to take notice. Hailing from Italy these guys bring us some straight forward, New York influenced, hardcore. Their latest offering “Roma Hardcore State Of Mind” contains four songs.

The 7″ kicks off with “The Guilt” and music wise I’m immediately reminded of Madball.. In a good way, that is. The vocals are more influenced by Terror & Sick Of It All. Actually Sick Of It All bass player (also known for playing in Straight Ahead, Rest In Pieces, Youth Of Today & Agnostic Front – jeez what a resume!) has some cool guest vocals on “It’s Our Time”. “Carry On The Torch” is an more anthemic, sing-along type record. A video for this song will soon be recorded in Rome, Berlin and NYC (during the BNB Bowl I suppose). The EP closes with a cover of classic Italian hardcore band Growing Concern caleld “Hood Crew”.

All in all 4 solid tracks. Produced by Brian Daniels (better known as Mitts from Madball), who delivers a strong and hard hitting sound (albeit very Madball-esque). Looking forward to hearing more from Strength Approach. The 7″ will be released as a picture disc limited to 500 copies (w/ free digital download codes). You can pre-order the Strength Approach 7″ here:

Strength Approach - Roma Hardcore State Of Mind EP

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