Vinnie Stigma has been dubbed “The Godfather Of Hardcore” for a reason; he started one of the most influential hardcore bands, Agnostic Front, in 1982. Thirty one years ago, can you believe that!? Agnostic Front is still going strong, they recently released their album “My Life My Way” to good reviews. And what people almost seem to forget nowadays is that Vinnie was also an part of Madball up until “Demonstrating My Style”.

Stigma’s first album “New York Blood” was released in 2009 and surprised many with its contagious mix of hardcore and punk. Vinnie proved to be a great singer and frontman as well. Fast forward four years later and the band is ready to drop their second album “For Love & Glory”. Besides Stigma the band consists of fellow Agnostic Front member Mike Gallo on bass, completed with Larry Nieroda and Sean Killkenny on guitars and Luke Rota on drums.


Vinnie Stigma & Mike Gallo. Photo by Raised Fist Propaganda.

The album kicks off with “Average Man” and it’s immediately clear what we’re in for; upbeat melodic hardcore punk with some oi influences. Stigma’s voice is raw and suits the music well.. Bands like Rancid and even some Dropkick Murphy’s come to mind so it was fitting to discover that Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen co-produced the album (along with Mike Gallo & Phil Caivano).

“Lost & Found” describes the ups and downs of living in a crazy little city called New York. “Heroes Of Our Time” is a working class anthem dedicated to blue collar workers everywhere, as well as those who have sacrificed as soldiers & firefighters.. “Days Of Old” tells a tale of old school street justice. Stigma’s simple but heartfelt lyrics are a breath of fresh air in today’s overly politically correct music scene.

“For Love & Glory” has thirteen tracks total in clocks in at roughly thirty five minutes. There isn’t anything groundbreaking going on but somehow this album still hits the nail right on its head. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that you can just hear the years or experience and authenticity pouring through Stigma’s voice and the band’s music. Highly recommended for anyone into streetpunk.

Vinnie Stigma

Vinnie Stigma. Photo by Raised Fist Propaganda.

1. Average Man
2. I Am
3. Don’t Lose Faith
4. Heroes Of Our Time
5. Days Of Old
6. Dead Wrong
7. Battle
8. Lost And Found
9. Forgotten Generation
10. The Spirit Remains
11. Free Your Mind
12. Big City
13. These Times

Band: Stigma
Label: Durty Mick Records

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