Onno Cro-Mag & Roger Miret present: Strength Records

One must be insane to start a new record label in these days of ever decreasing music sales. Two guys who were there from the very beginning just pulled it off! Onno Cro-Mag and Roger Miret were brought together by the love for harcore and punkrock 25 years ago. After teaming up on the succesfull “Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi!” albums they had a dream of starting a new record label together. Here we are in 2012 and the dream has become reality. STRENGTH RECORDS stands for honesty, dignity and friendship. It will go back to the times when hardcore and punk was pure and without bullshit. Back to the roots and basics of the scene and is bound to become a family for bands out of all genres.

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New Show Of Force song “Left Behind” ft Jonne (New Morality)

Show Of Force just released a new song called “Left Behind”, featuring Jonne Balster from New Morality on guest vocals.

Show Of Force gained everybody’s attention with 2009’s self titled mcd on Real Recognizes Real Records. Prominent Dutch metal magazine Aardschok compared SOF’s sound to Madball, Killing Time, Breakdown and the likes..

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A little history on: The Hundreds

Bobby Kim a.k.a. Bobby Hundreds recently posted a dope blog about the start up period of The Hundreds. A little insight on how the company’s run, definitely an interesting read.

All words and pictures by The Hundreds.


The initial few hundred bucks we ever scrapped together from our personal bank accounts, Ben and I put towards screenprinting our first t-shirts. We asked an acquaintance of ours to help us out; he had a small 2-color press in his backyard, so we dropped off a CD of art files and a boxful of blanks.  It was 2003 and we were off to a bright future in apparel.

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