Rebel 8 – Fall 2013 “A.C.A.B.” & “Root Of All Evil” collections

Rebel 8 2013 Fall collection is being released in four separate installments. The third drop is called Root Of All Evil. And while money is commonly referred to as such, famed American author Mark Twain once said contradictory that, “the lack of money is the root of all evil.” // Fall ’13 drop 3/4 is now selling at &

In related news: Rebel 8 have decided to open a pop-up store @ their new location in Los Angeles. Here’s what Rebel 8’s Joshy had to say about it: “It’s time for us to commence work on the next big thing. For years we’ve been asked, questioned, begged, and outright told to open up a retail store front. But my answer has always been the same; I won’t say never, but I will say not now. I guess that is, until now. The 10-by-10 box I emotionally spoke about in my 833 blog, will go beyond what it now functions as today, and become another great memory in the history of REBEL8. This 10-by-10 will soon become our pop-up shop.”

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Danny Diablo – Megatron video feat Big B, Block McCloud & more

Danny Diablo – Megatron video feat Big B, Block McCloud & more… Once again we drop a Danny Diablo exclusive!! He just keeps churning out these dope video’s off of his “The Blood Of Eden” album.
This time around “Megatron” gets the visual treatment. The track features guest verses from Big B, Block McCloud, The DRP and Chucky Chuck & Gillies of DGAF.

The video was shot by director Mando Gonzales and has a cool intro taking us all the way back to the 80’s. Every kid born in the 80’s (or late 70’s) loved the Transformers..

If I’m not mistaken Danny Diablo will drop two more videos for this record before focusing on recording & touring with his NYHC band Crown Of Thornz. Crown Of Thornz are set to release a 7″ / EP called “Nothing But Misery” later this year on Durty Mick Records. In October they will start recording with Tim Armstrong (Rancid) for a full length album, slated for a 2014 release.

Check the video after the jump:

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Eminem “Berzerk” and Damian Burnz “The Stroke” share sample

Eminem recently dropped the first single off of his highly anticipated “Marshall Mathers LP 2”. The songs called “Berzerk” and is produced by Rick Rubin. Rubin’s known for his influential work alongside the Beastie Boys, Slayer, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and many more.

Eminem goes pretty ‘berzerk’ on the song dropping lines like: “The art of the MCing mixed with da Vinci and MC Ren / And I don’t mean Stimpy’s friend, bitch,” Eminem rhymes on the track. “Been Public Enemy since you thought P.E. was gym, bitch.”

While the lines quoted above feature references to N.W.A.’s MC Ren and Public Enemy, Eminem also names other celebrities on the track.

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Panic The Maniacal – A Beautiful Mind – E.P.

Panic The Maniacal recently dropped a great E.P. called “A Beautiful Mind”. Released by Joker Brand and Ill Roc Records, supervised by Lord Ezec a.k.a. Danny Diablo. “A Beautiful Mind” contains seven new tracks featuring Slaine (La Coka Nostra), Adlib (The Shotblockers), Danny Diablo and beats by Sev One, DJ Stress, Fino and S.G.. As always Panic drops that heat and I hope he will release more new material soon!

Check out the mixtape after the jump:

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District 9 / Puerto Rican Myke Interview

District 9 recently dropped a new EP called “SouthBronxMemoirs” after almost 4 years of silence. This classic New York Hardcore band hailing from the Bronx decided to re-record 3 songs and add an unreleased track in the process… With a huge show coming up at the BNB Bowl it seems District 9 is back on track. We caught up with D9 frontman Puerto Rican Myke to talk about the past and future of District 9 as well as his stint in Skarhead. He also opens up about some of his personal demons in this insightful interview..


TWS: What made you guys decide to pick things up again?
PR MYKE: First and foremost I want to say “what up” to all the HARDCORE/HIP HOP kids around the world. Well, pretty much D9 played shows here and there, shuffled around a slew of musicians throughout the years & pretty much called it quits about 4 years ago. About a year and a half ago JOE HARDCORE got in touch with me and asked is D9 was interested in playing This Is Hardcore Fest in august of 2011. In a nutshell, the lineup for that show & the response we got let us know that we COULDN’T put a good thing to rest…

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Danny Diablo Bodies Piled High video ft Skam Dust

Danny Diablo Bodies Piled High video. Danny Diablo drops yet another dope video off of his “The Blood Of Eden” record. Danny Diablo just had a great weekend playing the ILL ROC Bumrush Show with his band Skarhead and the Black N Blue Bowl with his other band Crown Of Thornz. He shared the stage with an array of amazing bands such as District 9, Kill Your Idols, Breakdown, Madball, Bulldoze & the mighty Judge..

Not being one to take breaks Danny Diablo now drops his newest video “Bodies Piled High” featuring the always animated Skam Dust. The video was written/directed/2nd cam by Loki Sinister. Editing & FX by Wagner Pereira, Main Camera by Jon Tamkin all courtesy of ATOMIC DAWG MEDIA.

“The Blood Of Eden” is available for purchase @ iTunes:

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District 9 – “The Letter” Exclusive Stream

District 9 have got some busy times ahead of them. They are releasing their new 7″ “SouthBronxMemoirs” this weekend AND they are playing the annual Black N Blue Bowl in New York City. We are proud to bring you this first listen of their previously unreleased track “The Letter” taken from the aforementioned “SouthBronxMemoirs” 7″. District 9 singer Puerto Rican Myke was also present at this weeks Black N Blue radio episode to drop some info about all things D9.

Pre-order your copy of District 9’s “SouthBronxMemoirs” at Countdown Records. They did a great job on this limited edition piece (only 300 pressed, they’re already halfway sold, so hurry) and also offer a package deal with a great Countdown Nation shirt. Without further ado here’s the stream of District 9’s new track “The Letter”. Check out the piece after the jump for more info on D9 and PR Myke..

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Mr Probz – New song & video “Waves”, Studio Fire

Mr Probz has just dropped a new single & video for his track “Waves”. It’s not sure this track will be featured on his upcoming album “The Treatment”, but nevertheless it’s amazing song in it’s own right, so support it by getting it on iTunes here.

Check out the video after the jump..
In related news Mr Probz’ studio / appartment burned down last night, below’s an update from his management;

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Danny Diablo Internet Video World Premiere

Danny Diablo gave us another exclusive world premiere… This time around for his video Danny Diablo – Internet off of his latest album “The Blood Of Eden“..

Once again this video was shot, cut & edited by Mando Gonzales and he did a great job.. He’s currently working on another Danny Diablo video (“Megatron” feat Block McCloud, Big B, the DRP and Chucky Chuck and Gillies of DGAF).

Check out the video after the jump:

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